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  • Mobile game business managerUrgent
    1. Responsible for promotion and operation of mobile games. Marketing based on character of production and hot event and supervise the implementation;
    2. Expanding channel partners including handset vendors, VARs, apps promotion channels, increase valid installs and revenue;
    3. Maintaining good partner relationships, making promotion plans for different feature of channels to achieve high quality promotion resource;
    4. Monitor promotion data and feedback, analysis data and improve strategies;
    5. Optimize mobile products operation, improve UE.

    1. Be familiar to mobile internet industry such as apps marketing, social internet, handset vendors and VARs. Rich experience on apps promotion and pre-install;
    2. Be familiar to app products and mobile games. Rich experience in flow of products launch and promotion ways;
    3. More than one year online game promotion and marketing experience. Operating more than one game successfully before. Excellent skills of communication and customers development;
    4. Be familiar to different kinds of online games, market and uses. Rich experience of playing is preferred.
  • Html5 game development programmerUrgent
    1. Developing HTML5+CSS3 cross-platform webgame;
    2. Developing and porting multi-platform mobile games;
    3. Designation and developing game engine;
    4. Developing online client programs.

    1. Proficiency of developing website with html+javascript+css. Be familiar with HTML5,CSS3,ES5;
    2. Proficiency of more than one of following options: JQuery Mobile,Sencha Touch,SeaJS,Backbone;
    3. Excellent skills of optimizing and analyze, solving problem. Good at logical thinking;
    4. Ability of designation and normative coding style;
    5. Love game development and challenge. More than one year mobile game development experience is preferred. Iphone, ipad android and so on smart phone developing experience is preferred.
  • Oversea(mobile internet) development director/managerUrgent
    1. Responsible for oversea channel development and maintenance;
    2. Responsible for marketing and promotion in field of mobile internet, develop new marketing channels and promotion type, complete promotion performance indicator;
    3. Responsible for arrangement and concrete implement of marketing research, and the final research report;
    4. Build an manage oversea marketing team.

    1. Bachelor degree or above, with more than 2 years mass media or internet industry marketing experience. Excellent English language skill, good at spoken English is preferred;
    2. Be familiar to oversea market, media cooperation and advertising business. Be familiar mobile internet industry project operation and development;
    3. Excellent market analysis skills and communication ability;
    4. Rich experience of global channels and app promotion is preferred;
    5. Experience of working or living oversea and game industry operating is preferred.
  • Oversea advertising manager/directorUrgent
    1. Facebook,admob marketing promotion: making advertising strategy based on feature of mobile game and different situation of different language markets, and implementing independently;
    2. Arrange and analysis advertising data;
    3.Guide the design of advertising and promotion page;
    4.Edit the content of special pages, scheme special activities considering characters of production and audience.

    1.more than 1 year of advertising experience on more than one platform (including facebook, adwords, admob). Be familiar to CPA, CPC, CPM and CTR and so on;
    2. Be familiar to community promotion such as facebook, twitter, google+ .etc;
    3. Excellent communication skills, presentation skills and expert in writing. Good at English reading and writing;
    4. Ability to organize and analysis data. Excellent website analytic tools using skills;
    5. Excellent teamwork skills. Ability of communication and active learning.
  • Mobile advertising and marketing senior managerUrgent
    1. Responsible for the development of APP product advertisers and channels, expand relationship, complete the task indicators;
    2. complete docking customer and product, technical design and other departments to coordinate work;
    3. Excavation company media platform advantage, constantly open up mobile advertising platform marketing, expand and improve more advertising sales model;
    4. Develop potential new customers, maintenance and management, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

    1. Have a good wireless internet business experience, more than three years of Internet industry experience, have a deep understanding;
    2. A good channel for advertising sales experience, Have a variety of shops, mobile software download Alliance, mobile software promotion experience is preferred;
    3. Strong interpersonal skills, presentation, sales, negotiation and influencing skills to produce sales results;
    4. The mobile ad network industry understanding is preferred, Understand the basic business model, marketing model, user demand and consumption habits.
  • Senior Product Manager (RTB and affiliate advertising direction) Urgent
    1. Responsible for RTB advertising platform to build and Union related business;
    2. Optimize ad serving algorithm to analyze audience data to improve the efficiency of realization;
    3. Combining commercial product design, bidding mechanism and system optimization, mining core directional capability;
    4. Continuous monitoring and analysis of product data, improved and promote the optimization scheme proposed;
    5. Manage and organize projects, research and development to promote the product development team.

    1. At least 3 years of relevant experience in a commercial product, understand Ad exchange mode, familiar RTB Industry recent trends;
    2. Bachelor degree or above, computer, statistics, mathematics and other related majors is preferred;
    3. Have the ability to analytical and problem solving;
    4. Innovation, extensive research on industry-related products, To look for or reason by analogy;
    5. Be able to bear the pressure, Pragmatic innovation, and the pursuit of excellence!
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