High Income Returns
Plenty of offers
We have more than 300 partner all over the world, they publish new orders everyday. So we can guarantee, no matter where your users come from, you will constantly receive orders.
Commitment of transparent data
We provide you real time data,guarantee the transparency of the data.The difference between real time data and next day data is there will be no missing data.
Monthly settlement on time
We will pay you on 15th every month via Paypal. Besides, you could also see your incomes and statement on our platform.
Simple Application Method


Your exclusive consultant will contact you after registration. Our staff will offer full consultation services to help you make more money conveniently.
We really understand that how trouble the process of uploading, waiting approved is, so you don’t need to upload,
examine and approve when integrating SDK. You can start making money immediately after SDK integration.

Flexible display ways
a variety of ads sizes for APP developer’s choice
There are about 20 kinds of ads sizes you can choose. Compared with those SDK which only provide one fixed sizes of banners, you have more choices now! We recommend to choose a most appropriate ads size according to content of your APP, which can show ads in a more natural way.
two models to make money: hand operation and automatic operation
If you are willing to integrate SDK, system will choose ads offers which are suitable for your APP.
Or you can choose ads offers by yourself, get creative files and links to run ads campaign.

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