Advertising Purchase Ways
CPM - Cost by impression
CPM(Cost per Thousand Impressions)is a term used in online advertising and marketing related to web traffic.
CPC - Cost by click
CPC(Cost per click)is a kind of advertising that cost by click or by thousand click.
CPS - Cost by sales
CPS(Cost per sales)is a kind of advertising that cost by sale,This kind of advertising need accurate flow to bring on the conversion.
CPT - Cost by time
CPT(Cost per time)is a kind of advertising that cost by time, the average time is one day.
CPA - Cost by action
CPA(Cost per action) is an online advertisingpricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action.
CPL - Cost by leads
CPL(Cost per leads)is a kind of advertising that cost by successful registration fee .This is a usual terms to guide the registration.

Banner Advertisings

    Banner Advertisings
    Banner Advertising (Banner Ads), which is the most common advertising form, generally appears on the top of mobile screen in banners. In order to achieve extra advertising profits, developers add one or more "interaction advertising position "ID in Apps so that advertisings will be auto-played.

Full Screen Ads

    Full Screen Ads
    Full Screen Ads refers to inserting or poping up windows to show advertising when users open current page. It has 10 times bigger area than traditional banner advertising, which results 7 times more conversion rate and 9 times more eCPMs than traditional banner ads.

Splash Interstitial

    Splash Interstitial
    Splash Interstitial, a new form of mobile advertising, refers to the advertising which is loaded after startup picture of apps. It has fixed length of time and cannot be clicked, then it will be auto-shuted. This kind of ads can occupy the best 5 seconds with maximum advertising value when apps open. For this reason, it achieves more impression revenue than other forms.

Offer Wall

    Offer Wall
    Offer Wall refers to showing kinds of integral missions (including downloading, installing, registering or filling the form of recommended apps) in one application to encourage users to get virtual currency. The developer of this application can gain income after users complete the missions in application with offer wall.

Focus Picture Ads

    Focus Picture Ads
    Focus Picture Ads refers to pictures on the core display positions of the pages, which are usually showed on the top of mobile screen in turn. The most significant advantage is its large amount of impressions.

App Recommendation Ads

    App Recommendation Ads
    App Recommendation Ads refers to attracting users to download or setup apps through recommending them on recommendation positions in a high-quality app. Practice indicates that, users will be more interested in and loyal to the apps which recommended by applications they believed in.

News Feed Ads

    News Feed Ads
    News Feed Ads is usually inserted in information flow of web pages. It makes full use of the feature that mobile has small display space than others, so to be suitable for mobile and get high conversion rate, which also avoids revulsion of users.

Video Ads

    Video Ads
    Video Ads, a kind of ads combine video, audio, picture and animation to interrupt into videos when mobile users open or quit mobile apps. As a kind of precision marketing, it can influence users unconsciously cause audience would be targeted by content of videos.
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